Kids love spinning around and around, so why wouldn’t they love spin art ?
Who doesn’t have a fun childhood memory of squeezing paint onto a spinning disc and the dizzy feeling of pride from their splatter on a platter?
I remember making spin art on giant twisters at school fairs, but I recently came across a product, Crayola’s Color Twister, that enables you to homespin.
One person pushes on the twister’s hand pump, which spins paper in the device, while the other squeezes a drop of paint onto the spinning paper. Colors explode, implode, swirl and whirl. See mommy’s hand on pump and toddler hand squeezing tube of paint in pic below.
Crayola’s Color Twister –kid-or mommy-powered fun one drop at a time. No batteries needed. 
The paints are non-toxic and washable but also pretty smelly, so I wouldn’t drink the stuff. However, a trace amount in the belly should be ok…phew!
The kit comes with the color twister, three tubes of paint and 10 paper discs. The paint goes far: the paper not so much. Luckily, it’s easy enough to trace more discs on either construction paper or paper plates.

It’s a nice activity for a party, playdate, or a rainy day at home. When our playgroup met at our house recently, I was thankful to have this fun activity for our guests. Everyone took home their art. What a great party favor!

It is an activity recommended for children 6 years of age and older; however, my almost three year old and I easily made some refrigerator-worthy spin art.Here’s another little tip – grocery stores usually have great sales on toys. I always check out their arts and crafts and toy aisles for sales and was able to buy Crayola’s Color Twister half off this way. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the time or energy to go to the store, you can buy Crayola Color Twister on Amazon for about $13.
Look what the kids made!
Twist and shout, “Hooray!”

Have fun in the Hudson Valley with your kids!

– Hudson Valley Kim