Our beautiful Hudson Valley is in full bloom. Have you noticed? The roadsides are graced with the presence of Queen Anne’s Lace and periwinkle hued chicory. It’s a feast for the eyes and it’s one you can bring inside and have fun with! Any white flower can be changed with the assistance of your kids or grand kids, some food coloring, and water filled jars.

What you’ll need…

Glass Jars (from your recyclables) ~ Food Coloring ~ Queen Anne’s Lace ~ Daisies ~ or any white flower from the garden or roadside ~ Water ~ Children

This is a great project because not only is it fun and lovely to watch, but it doesn’t take any exact science or measurements.

This is a great opportunity to teach your children that

Red + Yellow = Orange   ~   Blue + Yellow = Green   ~   Red + Blue = Purple

Then if you really want to rock their socks, go ahead and put…

More Blue than Green to create Aqua   ~   More Yellow than Red for Coral   ~ and so forth, have fun!!

Squirt a bunch of food coloring into your jar of water and you will increase the intensity of your color, add just a little for pastels.

No need to fill the entire jar, only fill your jar or glass 2 inches full.

Let your children squirt away, don’t even worry about how much or how little they put in!

During the course of a day you will see your white blooms turn into a rainbow color! Daisies will become speckled and give off a somewhat tie dyed effect. Each year my kids are thrilled to see their flowers change before their eyes! nature’s magic 🙂

If you would like, when your flowers have reached their desired hue you can press them within a phone book. Cut them at the head and place between the pages. Put some weight on top and let sit for 4-6 weeks. When they are dry and crisp, frame and hang for a living memory in your home, or gift to a grandparents!

Note to moms: this craft can be used to decorate baby showers, weddings, and other summer parties! go ahead, make a bouquet of all your rainbowed hues. For intense colors use Wilton’s color gel from the cake decorating isle in ACmoore, or craft section of Walmart.