Don’t get me wrong, I am not the best shopper. I go on binges. Sometimes I think Macy’s has the greatest selection and I can’t get enough. Then it’s Marshalls with their unpredictable selection, but undeniable bargains.

Bargains! Who can resist the Salvation Army or the Good Will stores?  (Check out my $7.99 winter coat.)

I am a fickle shopper and that drives mall management crazy. So they are trying a different tactic.

Newburgh Library opens it’s Mall branch.

Look for a store that even a  fickle shopper like me can’t resist. Our local library. Technically, they don’t have competition, unless you consider Barnes and Noble. But even the last remaining national bookstore chain has difficulty in holding on to its customer base. And since there is only one library per region and they are all linked within the region they don’t have competition.

Also the local library has many fans.  (Okay so 716 is not a lot) But besides Facebook they are on Pinterest and Twitter. They have books, DVDs, magazines, online databases, online books for you and your kids…and that just scratches the surface.

Recently the Newburgh Mall made a smart decision when they asked the Newburgh Library to join them at their Route 300 location.

According to Newburgh Library Director Muriel Verdibello  with just a couple of months planning they were able to open their new mall branch with the support of their entire staff. “This is a pilot project,” says Verdibello. “It gives our voters a chance to see what is available before they have to vote on a new budget next year.”

Hanna Johnston with her 11 yr old daugher Ada

The two families I met while at the Mall Branch said they love the convenience of the new location. l Hanna Johnston of Newburgh held an armful of books. She came to get her kids glasses before school and dropped in to see what the library offered.

Inez Foreman of Newburgh said that her three year old Valeria loves getting books. In fact, this is the second time this week they came back to the mall.

For 3 yr old Valeria, the library is her favorite stop in the mall

Great traffic for the mall. Convenience for book readers. And there is plenty more to come.  Bring your own cup of coffee and enjoy free WiFi.