What’s all this talk about kickboxing?

Fall is coming up fast. For many the change of seasons is a time for a change in our lives. For the past several weeks my husband and I have been walking right after work. (So if you call the office after 5pm and don’t get us, we are probably walking around the Downing Park with the geese.)

But how kickboxing to get in shape? Not something I even considered before speaking to Paul Melella of the United Martial Arts Fishkill. I called him for the center’s monthly ad and we began talking about the programs he offers.

“What do you know about kickboxing?” Paul asked.

“Kickboxing for women like me?” I asked, almost incredulously, because I always think that any form of boxing is for the young people with their quick feet and sure hands.

I gave him all the standard objections: I am not in great shape; I know nothing about kickboxing; I have no experience with kickboxing. I am sure you have some of your own objections.

Paul’s set me straight:

Paul sets me straight on kickboxing

  • This is good for those just starting out
  • You are only competing with yourself
  • It is an all-around body fitness program which includes fitness drills, calisthenics and stretches
  • Since the classes are predominately women I shouldn’t feel out of place.
  •  ‘Even his mom who is in her 60s participates’ was Paul’s final punch line.

But for me the kicker was: IT’S A GREAT WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!

“Everyone is different,” says Paul when I asked how much weight I could expect to lose and how fast. (I admit, there is a part of me that is real lazy. I would like the best results in the shortest time. )  According to Paul I could see results within a month, whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle.

So here I go…As a beginner Paul suggests 1 to 2 times a week and some practice at home.

Attention Moms: you can take your class after your kid’s karate. UMAC has a fun room in the back for the kids to wait for you while you’re getting in shape with kickboxing.

If you try it, let me know how it’s going. Ask for the Hudson Valley Parent special. Interested call 845-897-8622