How do you discipline your kids?

When I saw this headline to an upcoming conference it made me stop and think.

When my son sulked because he didn’t get the new fishing rod, how did it make me feel? Did I feel badly enough to negotiate with him?  “I understand that you really want that new rod. How about you clean up your room for the next week and we’ll go to Dicks?”

Probably not a good resolution. I just taught him that sulking brings positive results. But sometimes I just hate to see the sulking. And you can be sure that he makes certain that I see him.

So the real question is, ‘What’s the best way to deal with this?”

I called Suzanne Tremper, MS. Ed., the director of programs for Independent Living, Inc. to ask for her advice.  Here are her four tips

  1. Identify the difference between mistaken and misbehavior and teach your child the information he needs to know.
  2. Punishment has negative consequences and does not change the behavior.
  3. Positive guidance helps your child learn to make good choices.
  4. Many behavior problems can be stopped by altering the environment.

If you are dealing with similar issues you may be interested in attending one of the upcoming conferences sponsored The Early Childhood Direction Center. They are sponsoring two conferences called Who’s In Charge at Your House?  They are part of a free workshop series for parents and early childhood professionals who want to learn management techniques to address children’s behaviors.

Wednesday, Sept 5 from 10am til noon
Preschool Solutions
615 Rte 32, Highland Mills

Thursday, Sept 13 from 10am til noon
Orange County Dept of Mental Healt
30 Harriman Drive; Goshen

Interested in attending, call 845-565-1162 ext 240 or sign up at Independent Living. Tell them Terrie sent you!

I only wished they held them at night so I could attend. So if you go share what you learned with us.