When I first moved to Orange County many years ago, (45 to be exact) one day a week I would put Paul in his car seat and travel new roads just to see where they led. (That was before Google Maps and GPS systems.)  From Monroe I went to Lloyds Supermarket in Newburgh (Which is where Home Deport is located) and then we went to Downing Park to play and feed the ducks. Or we’d go to Pine Island to see the onion fields. (That was great fun for a girl who was born and brought up in Brooklyn.)

But now with gas prices rising, I think twice about traveling just to wonder.

This past Saturday the roads led to Columbia Costumes on North Front Street. (I later learned they call this section the Uptown Stockade. The first treat was my visit to Columbia Costumes. Not sure I’d suggest bringing the kids because the two floors of this store are jam packed with “stuff.” Every costume you can imagine, in all sizes. The wigs, and make-up. Hats and boas. You dream up a new image for yourself and they can help you create it. I am not a dress-up person, but the staff made decision making easy. I walked out with a bat girl costume as well as wonder woman for one of my staff.

As I walked back to my car to leave I realized that before me was North Front Street, with interesting stores on both sides of the street. And North Front Street leads to Wall Street with even more opportunities to shop and enjoy some great coffee.

The three shops I found most fascinating don’t have web sites so you’ll have to take a drive and enjoy the day. Full Circle at 42 North Street, was the smallest of the shops I visited but offered everything from handmade jewelry to gorgeous umbrellas.  Bop to Tottom (Say that fast three times. ) at 299 Wall Street caught my eye because I am a pocketbook collector. The colors were great, prices reasonable and every size you can possibly want. You can’t imagine what this double store front packs on its shelves.  Then I stopped in at Theresa & Co. They are known for their wonderful collection of women’s and children’s clothing.  Small with a smart looking outfits

Dominick’s Café at the corner of North Front and Wall Streets offered a friendly time-out for a delicious iced coffee and comfortable seating.  I resisted the cakes and cookies.

So if you are looking for a fun afternoon where you can get away from it all I suggest a drive to North Front and Wall Streets in Kingston. Plenty of free parking to make shopping real easy.