Mayan exhibition in Philadelphia

You know what I’m talking about.  The Mayan calendar and their prediction that the cycle we’re in ends 12/21/12; that this is it, kaput, put out the light, throw away the key. 

But I know better.

You see, I was in Philadelphia at a book writers’ conference this past weekend.  I was in the fancy lobby perusing the pamphlets of places to visit.  My eyes go right to the ghosty places, of course, but then something caught my attention: “Ancient Prophecy or Modern Myth?”  Hmmm…I read more.  Maya 2012, Lords of Time.  It’s the world premiere of a Mayan exhibit now showing at the Penn Museum.  OK.  So what do I look for next?  The date the exhibit ends.  I was expecting to read December 20, 2012.

Lo and behold!  It ends January 13, 2013.  Now, if that isn’t a kick in the head!

I figure that the Mayans were pretty good marketers back in the day when you had to use use the fluid found in plants as ink, and leaves as paper.  They must’ve just finished drinking their evening’s ration of blood when their head Mayan guy or gal thought, “I’ve got it!  If we start promoting something that captures the attention of the world, we might eventually start making some serious cacao seeds.”  Cacao seeds being their currency.  So, of course the word spread that the end of the world is coming, and anything that says “Mayan” is gold, and if they were still around, he or she would probably be on TIME magazine.  Hence the Mayan exhibit, which will undoubtedly sell Mayan tee shirts, mugs, and key chains.

Mayan calendar

But we know what’s really going on.  Come December 22, there will still be folks standing on line to see the Mayan exhibition in Philly trying to learn about the people who gave us the idea that we might never see this day.  

I’m still going to make plans for New Year’s Eve, and a spring vacation, and a week at the shore in summer.

I tell you, though, I’m headed to Philly next week again for a college tour with my youngest, and we are going to make a trip here.  I will let you know what I find out.