I must admit… I’m a BIG fan of Dance Moms on Lifetime.  Honestly, I get sick of hearing people bash the overbearing dance teacher, Abby. Sure, she’s tough on her dancers… but hey, that’s life!

I took jazz, tap and ballet when I was younger. I was never on a competition squad, so at the end of each year the entire dance studio got a trophy for participating. I LOVED my trophies! I even had my dad build a display case for all my awards.

Then reality hit. I started playing basketball and softball and little did I know only one team, roughly 14 elementary schoolers out of hundreds would get a trophy at the end of the year.  My team went to the championship game that first year. Unfortunately, we lost 21 to 18 (yes, I still remember the score).

At the end of season banquet that featured every team in the league, the commissioner handed out trophies to the MVP, Rookie of the Year and to the champions.  Everyone else was called up on stage to be recognized and left the stage sans trophy. I was devastated. I didn’t understand why I didn’t get a trophy.

My parents had to explain to me the entire concept of winning and losing. I’m pretty sure this was the day my obsession with winning started.

My point here is, every child does not need a trophy. Sports teach so many great lessons to kids. From teaching team work to sportsmanship, athletics are great for children! So, why are we going back on all the lessons we’ve taught throughout the season by giving everyone a trophy at the end?

As mean as Abby Lee Miller is on Dance Moms, she does make sure all her dancers are prepared for the harsh reality of the real world. She lets each child know where they stand and always offers ways to improve. I sort of admire her in that respect. Could she calm down a bit on the yelling, sure… but her lesson in dealing with the real world is one to admire.

Do you think every child should get a trophy? Comment below!