Greetings, Hudson Valley Parents!  I am a newly minted country mouse, having just moved here from New York City with my husband (known hereafter as Hubby) and daughters (Big One, or Bo, and Little One, or Lo).  To say that this is an adjustment would be stating it mildly, but we love it up here and are so happy to have made the move.

This move of ours is actually a double move. We’re building a brand spanking new house, literally from the ground up. Meanwhile, we’re cooling our heels in a rental for the next few months while our “forever home” is in the works (written in quotation marks to acknowledge our track record of six homes in eleven years and to bow our heads to those who believe we have no understanding of the “forever home” concept. Fair enough.).

Before leaving NYC, we looked into doing a short-term sublet there rather than the double move up here. If staying in Manhattan until the new house was built, Hubby could keep a short commute for a while longer and Bo could stay in her preschool. Yet even with the astronomical budget we had agreed upon as a short-term splurge, and with 15% over our astronomical budget added upon finding nada, we still couldn’t land a two-bedroom apartment for our family of four. Up here, in contrast, we’ve found an updated 5-bedroom house with extensive grounds, open layout, ginormous rooms, and did I mention the pool? Oh and yes, for a rent that is only three-quarters of our original budget.

Granted, we are a bit further afield, even by our new countrified standards; the rental house is a good ten minutes further into the countryside than our home-to-be will be. But the far-flung location does come with a few perks.

Exhibit 1: on our very first evening here, I looked out the window and saw a hot air balloon floating by.

Exhibit 2: we’ve had numerous visits from the creature welcome wagon.

Our first deer sighting was an accident. I looked out on the back deck while cooking dinner and saw a skinny little cat. I called to Hubby to point out the trespasser and he had a much more violent reaction than I expected. Rather than looking at the cat as I had asked (men…sigh), he looked past the deck to the enormous deer eating the foliage in our temporary yard. Pandemonium ensued as we tried to grab both girls and the camera and point them all towards Bambi, who promptly ran back off into the woods.

You experienced Hudson Valley-ers are, no doubt, laughing at me by now.  In the time since this initial deer experience, we’ve learned that this is hardly a rarefied event.  But it sure was exciting that first day.

The next day brought a bunny. Unless it was a squirrel. There was much debate over this at lunch, reminiscent of the scene in Notting Hill in which it is discussed whether one person can resemble both Ringo Starr and Topol, even if Ringo Starr and Topol bear no resemblance to each other. I still say it was a bunny. Bo agrees.

The day after that brought three deer at lunch and two deer at dinner. This time we managed to snap a photo, showing here:

My question: other than the damage caused to both a deer and a car should they meet, are deer dangerous? Is this the first thing I need to freak out about in our new country lives?