As I said last week, I’m getting back on track. My goal is to lose 30 pounds before my birthday on July 7.

I can do it! [positive thinking never hurts!]

I’m more determined than ever to get these final 30 pounds off and keep it off. Last week everything just clicked and I realized… my goal is within reach!

Maybe it was the Biggest Loser marathon I watched or maybe it was the hours I spent on Pintrest playing with the weight loss simulator and pinning exercise routines… whatever it was I’m glad I’m back in weight loss mode!


On the left is a virtual representation of me at my heaviest (300 pounds) and on the right is a virtual representation of me at my goal weight.

I’ve devised a workout plan and nutrition plan that I believe will help me lose the last of the weight in a healthy and timely manner.

Here’s my plan:

Exercise — Go back on my regular exercise routine of two hours of cardio five times a week and one hour of weight training three times
a week.

Since moving to Beacon,
I cancelled my membership at my gym in Carmel. I’m joining Planet Fitness later this month and until then I’ll go for runs around my apartment complex (even if it’s snowing).

Nutrition —Every morning I’m making a mad dash out the door in order to get to the office on time, so I need something I can make the night before and just grab on my way out the door (I’m sure you moms and dads out there can relate). So for breakfast I’m going to alternate between a hard-boiled egg one day and a protein shake the next.

Oh lunch… I always seem to forget my lunch at home. So my co-workers and I tend to eat out a lot. Besides being bad for my health, eating out [almost] daily is killing my budget! So, I actually went to Shoprite during their can-can sell and bought a half a million cans of tuna (okay, not literally, but pretty close). Then I bought rye bread (the mini square loaf used for appetizers) and some fruit. So for lunch I’ll be having tuna on rye with an orange.

The big thing for me is kicking my soda habit. I used to bring a bottle of soda to work every day (in place of coffee). I’d only have one soda, but one a day really adds up! I’ve stopped drinking soda for a week now and already feel less bloated!

Now comes the really hard part… DINNER!

I admit it… when I get home from work, my laziness can only compare to that of an over privileged  teenager. If Bill didn’t beg me to make dinner, I’d go to bed without eating each night. I’d rather lounge around in my pajamas pinning items for my dream home on Pintrest or cheering on Ryan Callahan and the New York Rangers (I’m so happy the lock out is over)! Poor Bill, I eventually make him a big bowl of pasta or order out. The only problem: Pasta makes me sick!  I’ve tried whole wheat options, but nevertheless, I end up getting sick for hours after I eat pasta. So, I’ve decided for dinner I’ll start making a healthy protein like chicken or fish and serving it with a salad or some veggies on the side.

Bill will just have to get over his opposition to veggies! He’ll thank me later!

I bet you’re wondering why this blog is titled “Tonight is the night!”  Well, here goes… I’m going to trick Bill into eating and actually liking vegetables! I’m going to show him veggies can be just as delicious as pasta! I’ve searched high and low (on Pintrest obviously) for  pasta substitute recipes. I’ve seen so many recipes for pasta dishes that use spaghetti squash in place of the regular spaghetti. I asked my co-worker, Laura (our resident health food know-it-all) and she said it would be a hard sell since the squash is “mushier” than regular pasta. I decided I’d try to trick him anyway and record his reaction for all of you to see tomorrow!

Here’s hoping I can trick Bill into eating healthier with me!