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If you’ve read my blog once, you know I was an overweight kid.  For the majority of my life I was in the “obese” or “morbidly obese” BMI category. I wasn’t overweight because I was lazy. That’s the part that blew my mind.

I was always active as a child. I was a cheerleader from the time I started kindergarten until 9th grade. I played basketball in middle school and high school and played softball from the time I could walk until I graduated from high school. Not only did I play all these sports, but I excelled in them. I was the captain of every team I played on and I was one of the best players on every team (okay, I’ll stop bragging and reliving my glory days).

So what was the problem?

Since 7th grade, I’ve been on constant diets. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins, the Grapefruit Diet, the Lemonade Diet, and a slew of other diets with wacky names. I’d lose one or two pounds, then gain it all right back.

I’ve even tried hCg shots paired with phentermine (an appetite suppressant). I lost a total of zero pounds with this “magical elixir,” mainly because the phentermine made me jittery and I always felt like my heart was going to explode… I didn’t continue taking the phentermine for very long.   

In high school I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), which inhibited my weight loss efforts, but wasn’t exactly the solution to my “weighty” issue. The main issue was the fact that I would not eat in front of anyone. Odd, I know.

I wouldn’t eat breakfast; if I did it was high in sugar and carbohydrates. While my classmates were eating lunch, I was sitting in the court yard writing or playing a game of catch with some teammates. I would go the entire day without eating, go to a 2 hour sports practice then come home and binge until I went to bed.

Finally in college I got serious about losing weight. Since graduating from college in December of 2010, I’ve lost over 100 pounds. I recently revamped my diet (I was getting bored eating the same salad and grilled chicken every night) and I’ve stuck to it for the most part.

I’d be lying to you if I said I’ve stuck to my workout routine in the past two months. The fact is, I’ve got off track with my workouts. So, Jesse (our art director) and Laura (our editorial assistant) and I have joined Planet Fitness. We’ve made a pact to be each other’s “kick in the butt”.

We’re going to the gym tonight after work to get our membership cards and take a tour. We’re going to start going together after work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Then we’re on our own to work out on the weekends or other days of the week. We’ll take videos, pictures and share our progress on this blog.

If you want to join our “Get Fit” challenge, email me at and we’ll let you know when we’re working out!

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