Here we go!

My first post.

Hello world out there!

An introduction to me: Most people write something here like: “I am a working mother of two” but that doesn’t come close to defining who I am. I don’t think anyone can do that in just one sentence. So I will try to do it in a few sentences, ha! So here we go. I am a crazy, fun, bitchy, sometimes irrational woman. I grew up in a hippie/divorced household and moved out when I was about 16. I like to live in a grey world of balance where nothing is black or white. I have two amazing, annoying, spastic, wonderful children who keep me constantly learning and growing as a human being. SO there it is in a few sentences.

I am currently the art director at Hudson Valley Parent magazine and really love my job. After seeing our other great blogs I decided I’d give it a go. I will do my best to give an honest and fresh perspective on parenting that will not be your typical “fluff” blog. Hopefully you will enjoy and commiserate with me in all the joys, heartache and madness that is being a mom.