A few months ago I went to the open house at my son’s elementary school to hear information about the new Common Core curriculum. At first it sounded okay. A few of us parents wondered at the new terminology for simple math terms, but figured we could handle it.

What started to bug me and some of the other parentsĀ  was the “standards” that HAD to be met at each grade level. I for one feel that every child is an individual and learns in different ways and at different speeds. How could we possibly group all children together as one and expect the same result from every child?

Now I know public school has its limits and I as the parent must do my part to give my child a well-rounded education(which I think I do). But what the hell am I paying over $8,000 a year in taxes for? A new system that wasn’t tested? A system that we the parents, who foot a good part of the bill, were never consulted on?

After speaking to other parents and teachers from other parts of the country who have already been using the Common Core, it seems this is more about a standard for teachers and not really about the kids. It is a way to grade teachers on their results. It has also been said that it gives school districts a way to fire teachers even if they already have tenure.

If a teacher does not have a certain percentage of students in the 3-4 range (3=meets grade expectations 4=above grade expectation) they can be fired. I know of several teachers that are now stressed about the pressure to get good results. How is this benefiting our kids? Now I know my son is smart, but I also know he does not do well with pressure.

My husband and I have spent well over an hour with our son on homework that probably should only take 15-20 minutes each night. But that’s what our son needed to have a good outcome with the work. At the end he was happy and proud of the work he had done. If we had pushed him to get it done faster, it would have been a disaster.

I know that most of our teachers are doing their best and we have great ones in our school district, but I feel this Common Core crap is going to hurt both our students AND our teachers. I know I am not the only one concerned about this, check out the meeting minutes from the New Paltz BOE here.