Why do our cute loving babies have to turn into s***-heads? Not to sound too harsh, but seriously, why do they? I miss the good old days when my son used to love me, snuggle with me and think I was better then ice-cream. Now it’s mom can I? Would you? Give me? and the inevitable “I hate you!” and “You’re the worst mom ever!”

Now these exclamations aren’t an everyday occurrence, but they are often enough to make me reminiscence about the “good ol’ days”. I try so hard not to turn into my mom or dad with the “You don’t know how good you got it and the when I was your age”. But damn kid! You seriously don’t know! Most of the time I can stay calm and do my best to be the adult. But there are times when the 7 year old in me wants to just get down on their level and battle!

I seriously understand and appreciate those old Calgon commercials on a whole new level.
It’s funny in a way because the behavior we start to except from our children we would never take from our peers. Could you imagine if you told your friend they couldn’t borrow your computer and they threw themselves on the floor screaming and yelled “I hate you! You’re the worst friend ever!”  We would probably smack them across the face and tell them to get a hold of themselves. But our darling children pull this same crap and we just say to ourselves, oh it’s just a phase, they’ll grow out of it, they need to express their feelings etc. Forget that! They need to get their spoiled butts up to their room and clean it, and do some laundry while they are at it!