I am taking Wal-Mart off my shopping list. I am sure it will cost me more money. I am sure I will miss the convenience of their long hours and wide array of products. But at some time we have to say “Enough is enough.”

All this came about because I needed some beach pails.

My company just developed a new program for family trip planning. We are going to events with a great display to let parents know how easy it can be to plan a day trip and share it with friends and family. Recently we added our newly adopted dog, Bandit to our display.


(I will come back to Wal-Mart…everyone does.)

We decided that Bandit would love being at the beach. We got him a beach chair, a Yankee Baseball cap and now I wanted some beach pails to fill out the summer scene. No one had them right now but, you guessed it, Wal-Mart. The price…97 cents and, of course, it was made in China.

Think about it…how much was the person who worked in the factory being paid for this pail?  Were they working in clean working conditions?  Were the doors locked so the workers couldn’t get out if there was a fire?

What’s your thoughts? When you trying to save money but still be socially responsible, what do you do?