We have all been there. We know the deal, once you have kids nothing is off limits. This includes the bathroom. I enjoy my kids so much and love how cute and adorable they are right now. But I cannot wait till they grow up and get out of my bathroom!!

It doesn’t matter how stinky, messy or ugly it may get in there, they have no problem coming in and carry on a full conversation with me! Seriously man, get out! I wanna pee, poop, shower, groom etc. in peace! I can’t wait for the day that a fart truly grosses them out. When poop is disgusting and not hysterical.
Just the other morning I was going through my regular morning routine. This includes my toilet time (yes we all poop) and in comes the little one chipper as ever, not a sign of sleep left on her. “Mother* I had a crazy dream last night! There was a big blue wolf and a unicorn and a…” I can barely keep my eyes open and have not fully come to consciousness and here this child is chatting away at me while I am trying to flush my bowels! Insane!
And pee time is no better. She’s back again and this time wants to know everything about my peeing habits! “Mother do you always pee so much?, My pee is quieter, Can you get off, I have to go, hurry up mom and it goes on and on. I know one day in the not so distant future I will miss my morning toilet bowl conversations but today I can’t wait for them to be a thing of the past!

*My daughter went through a brief and hilarious stage of calling me “mother”. She is back to the quite common ma, mommy and moms.