As I like to start most off my posts I will say, I love my kids.

Now that that’s out of the way lets get to the dirt!

I want my kids out of my bed!

At 7 and 3 years old they are still little enough and cute enough to get away with sneaking into my bed. They always try to jump in at bed time, but I can usually stay strong and get them to sleep in their own beds. The little one, being the brilliant devil that she is, has quickly figured out that at 2am my resolve isn’t quite as strong.

She will some how wake herself up (with her internal evil alarm) and crawl into bed with me at 2 o’clock in the morning! Then I wake up around 6am with my neck all jacked up because I slept in an unnatural position trying to avoid a foot to the gut, an arm in my butt or some other seriously uncomfortable position from my sweet little angel.

Meanwhile she is sprawled out comfortably hogging the whole bed. The same goes for the 7 year old (perhaps he taught the 3 year old about the 2am trick)… I’ll wake up huddled at the edge of my own bed freezing with no blankets while he lies comfortably taking up the whole thing!

I know one day I will beg them to snuggle with me only to be rebuffed with the “Come on mom, I’m too old for that!” But some mornings when my neck is all in a knot and I can’t walk because my sciatic is going haywire, I wish for those days to come a little sooner 😉