A number of years ago I wrote a blog called “I found the best kept secret”.  Did you know that we have a foundry right here in Orange County where world-recognized sculptors come to create their art? The foundry has been here since 1996, so they are not the new kids on the block.

The Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry is located at 453 Rt 17K in Rock Tavern, NY. (If you are from outside eastern Orange County area take the Route 84 Exit 5A for Stewart Airport. Park at intersection of Drury Lane and Rte 17.)

You can’t go into the foundry but you can enjoy the wonderful works of Frank Stella, a New York City painter and sculptor, whose works are installed in museums in from Canada to Brazil, from Washington, DC to Houston Tx.

I call the scuptures Stella’s Monsters on Parade. You can view them in the fields across from the foundry and on the “porch” of the building.

The wonderful thing about seeing these monsterous scuptures is that you don’t need an appointment, you don’t have to stand in line and there is no fee.

Last night I said to my husband,”Let’s drive over to Polich and see what’s new.” While you can enjoy the photos I shot, make you own trip to see the wonders of Stella’s Monsters on Parade.
Frank Stella sculpture 1

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terrie 7-24-13 027Frank Stella sculpture 2