If you’re gluten-free and go out in the world, you’re barraged pretty frequently with things you can’t eat.  Though much of that food isn’t good for you anyway, that’s beside the point. You can’t eat it, which is very different from not wanting to eat it.  With planning, this is easy enough to get around–as many other families of young children do, we leave the house armed with cut-up fruit or veggies, cheese sticks, trail mix, etc.  That said, there are times when we’re someplace and I notice my kids gazing longingly at something others are eating.

Most recently, my children and I were in a wholesale club with another family and they stopped at the front counter for those warm, salty, heavenly-scented soft pretzels.  Filled with white-flour and no nutrition? Yes.  Something my kids couldn’t have even if they wanted? Well, also yes.  As my kids know by now, I’ve promised to make a gluten-free, healthier version of whatever they covet out of the house.  So, when my little one asked, “Can we make those?” I was happy to say, “YES!”

I’m guessing there are plenty of gluten-free pretzel recipes out there, but this pretzel recipe came through my inbox last week and caught my eye.  I enjoy the No Gluten No Problem blog, as they too are a local Hudson Valley family with kids, living the gluten-free lifestyle.  Their recipes tend to be family-friendly, creative, and come out well.  I have this on my to-try-soon list, and if you’re gluten-free and jonesing for a soft pretzel, you can try it, too.

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