Summer in the Hudson Valley is something I look forward to all year long.  Not only do I enjoy the lush, green woods and the blue skies (finally!), but also the affordable, family-friendly outings and day trips just waiting to be planned.  Our family keeps a running “day-trip bucket list” of places we hope to visit. We add things and cross things off as inspiration hits.  With that in mind, we took the plunge last week and joined our friends for a day at Splashdown Beach in Fishkill.

Quite honestly, I’ve avoided going to Splashdown for the past few years. I had visited as a child and remembered their three flagship slides, but couldn’t believe there would be enough tucked inside to warrant an actual day trip.  However, my kids wanted to join their friends, so we packed our towels and sunscreen and off we went.

To my surprise, Splashdown was much larger than I had expected.  There was plenty to do, from the little-kid area all the way through to the dramatic, leave-your-stomach-behind big-kid slides.  My kids and I jumped waves in a wave pool, gleefully howled through tunnels on two-person tubes, and chilled in the lazy river.  I was also impressed that Splashdown was clean and provided plenty of shade.  Every time we used a restroom, we found staff inside tidying it up.  There were abundant trees throughout and never once did we feel overheated.

We packed a picnic lunch, and when everyone was hungry, we went back through the entrance of the park to the picnic area for some downtime.  Afterwards, we went back inside for more fun.  After six hours, the kids had a blast and were sad to leave.  In fact, we had so much fun that we’re considering purchasing season passes for next summer.  If your family enjoys water slides, Splashdown is definitely a place to check out at least once this summer.