ImageHere in the office (and at home) there is a little running joke about my eating habits… If you see me in the summer, chances are I’m eating a tomato sandwich. I’ll have one for breakfast and another for lunch… some days I’ll even have one for dinner too! I can’t get enough.

There’s just something about summer that makes me want to layer a nice juicy tomato (from the farm market… not the grocery store… those are fake) on bread with a dusting of pepper.

I’m pretty sure I get indigestion every time I eat my beloved tomato sandwich, but I don’t care!

I’ve been trying to eat less meat lately. I haven’t fully committed to going vegetarian, but I’m slowly heading in that direction. I’ve lost 5 pounds since I’ve been dining on tomato sandwiches around the clock. So why not enjoy what I eat as I lose weight?!?!

What’s your favorite low calorie summer dish?