Sally’s Dream at Orange County Park in Montgomery is a playground that accommodates any and all children.  It is expansive with towering trees providing shady relief for sweaty kids and adults alike.  It has a large wooden structure with slides and bridges and tiers to climb up and poles to slide down.  Sophie, my 17 month old, loves to careen over the wobbly bridge, down the ramp and coast down one of the smaller slides.  It always looks like her little legs can’t keep up with the rest of her.  Scares me everytime but she always has a determined grin on her face.  There are swings of all types, a smaller wooden structure with more slides and a fort, and plenty of room to run around.


This park is my 4 year old daughter’s favorite and is a great park for play dates.  We almost always meet up with a friend or three, but on the off chance we go alone, Madison is quick to join forces with a new friend.  Old friends or new, endless possibilities abound.  One day they are pirates steering the “ship” through dangerous waters to find the treasure. Another day they are super heros scaling the spider web like rope structure to capture the bad guy.  Home base is always the fort at the top of the jungle gym, and the quickest way down is, without fail, the twisty slide.  I love watching Madison and her friends invent new ways to play at “her” park.


We frequent this park at least once a week, weather permitting.  There are decent bathrooms and a pavilion with picnic benches.  This is one small part of Orange County Park, but it happens to be our favorite.

DSC_6863If you want to read about other area playgrounds, you can do so here and here.   Do you know of a great park in the Hudson Valley?  If so, please comment below.  We are always eager to try something new!