A hike is great, but a hike with a unique waterfall and stone structure at the end is even better. Enter Dover Stone Church, one of the most unusual sites in Dutchess County.


Its recorded history dates back as early as the 1600s, when, as the legend goes, a Native American warrior hid in the cave. The hike is an enjoyable mile, beginning with a series of staircases that lead through a meadow of beautiful wildflowers. Entering the forest, you’ll find yourself crossing a sweet wooden bridge and might not be able to resist dipping your feet in the stream. Rounding the corner you’ll hear the echo of water, and a hush falls over the rocks around you. After a few mini waterfalls, you’ll spot it… the Stone Church. A description of the Stone Church cannot do it justice; it truly must be seen. Giant spears of rock collapsed at one point long ago, leading to a church-like structure that happens to have a waterfall running through it.

Stone Church Waterfall

Step over the water and enter the church. Poke around in the corners, take some pictures, and then picnic off to the side and marvel at its beauty.

Inside Stone Church

Children will hop from rock to rock, splashing in this natural playground. You’ll feel the peaceful aura of the Church and want to stay and soak it up. This beautiful spot is one to visit again and again.


(Photo credits go to Tracey Fein. When we arrived at the Stone Church I found my battery had not charged overnight as I’d thought. Tracey was so kind as to take and share a few of her photos with us.)