Sophie wears her little sister badge proudly and embraces all that this role entails. Mostly, that means she tags along as we maneuver through her big sister’s busy social calendar.  I felt Sophie needed something that was just for her and since she loves music, I signed her up for a mommy and me class at Ms. Claire’s Music Cupboard.


Ms. Claire’s was the first class I enrolled Madison in when she wasn’t even a year old. One of my best memories was on our first day of class.  Madison was a stumbling new walker, but as soon as we sat down in the circle, she toddled over to all the other babies and didn’t look back (those “babies” are still her best buds today!).  As her mom, I had been so excited to do this with her so I was a little saddened when she seemed to prefer everyone else’s company.  Then, at the end of class, from across the circle, with a huge smile on her face, she careened right into my arms and gave me a huge hug.  I knew, in that moment, she was thanking me for giving her this experience and was truly so happy to be there.


I wanted Sophie to experience that joy as well and have time that was just about her.  She loved every minute of it from singing hello to singing goodbye and all the dancing and playing in between.  Miss Marisa kept the pace moving, and Sophie was entranced by her beautiful singing voice.  In addition, it was a safe environment for her to try new things and interact with kids her age.  Sophie would alternate from sitting in my lap to moving about the room  and then back to my lap.  Her favorite thing to do is dance so this class was made for her.  I truly enjoyed having this time to just focus on Sophie, and I know she did too.


While Sophie and I took our class, Ms. Claire’s was able to accomodate me by scheduling Madison’s piano lesson at the same time.  Her teacher, Miss Laura, is warm and friendly which put Madison at ease and eager to learn.  She is gaining so much and astounds me with the knowledge she comes home with.  I know she’s having a great time and has connected with her teacher because, at home, she pretends to be Miss Laura and teaches her student, Sophie, her latest musical acquisition on the piano.


There are many music programs in the Hudson Valley.  Ms. Claire’s happens to be close to us, and we always have a great time.  If you know of a great music program in our area, please comment below so others may enjoy a musical experience with their child!