I’ve shared a number of my favorite Hudson Valley destinations, but I’ve kept my most favorite a secret. Perhaps I wanted to keep it all to myself?


The common trend in all of my beloved spots is the presence of water, and Beacon’s Long Dock Park is no different. As you reach the waterfront, you’ll first notice a caged pavilion filled with kayaks, and likely catch sight of kayakers out enjoying the day. A short walkway connects to hiking trails on your left, but the pièce de résistance is the stunning view ahead. The panoramic view of the Hudson is breathtaking, spanning the length of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge on the right down to Cold Spring on the left. Mountains and buildings across the river look magical. The sparkling, shimmering waves are a nod to the years of clean-up and restoration efforts of the once troubled waters. The unique, multi-leveled dock juts out into the water, hosting fishermen hoping for crabs and children mesmerized by the short steps and columns scattered about.


A grassy area offers a quiet, shady spot for a picnic, a game of toss, or time to relax on a blanket. On Thursday evenings throughout the summer, musical concerts fill the grass with locals. On Sunday mornings, the Beacon Farmer’s Market is only steps away. Fall festivals offer another great reason to visit the dock. No matter the occasion, an afternoon picnic along the waterfront is one of my favorite days of the summer. My kids agree.

Concert at the Dock