Team Fox Trot!
                                                 Team Fox Trot!

Mothers find solace in each other’s company.  We share stories and strategies; we talk of teething, commiserate over colic, and collectively mourn the loss of sleep.  It makes us feel like we’re not alone, like maybe we’re not messing this whole parenting thing up and that at the end of the day, at the very least, someone else gets it.  So, when you’re the mother of a child with a rare life-threatening medical condition that few can relate to,  it can leave you feeling isolated on top of the emotional roller coaster you’re already on.




Family and friends may not be able to understand the day to day struggles we face, but they love and support us with a vengeance.  They put their support into action this weekend at the annual walk for a cure in honor of our daughter, raising money for our cause.  On this one day every year, I don’t feel quite so alone in this fight as I walk with families who know our fight intimately as they battle it everyday with their own child.  And, when I glanced around at the crowd walking with us and when the donations kept rolling in, I felt such love and gratitude that I know will see me through those bleak days.  My daughter may not understand it just yet, but imagine how incredibly loved she will feel when she looks around and sees all those people who came out just for her.




Wouldn’t it be awesome for everyone with special needs to feel such support?  We may not be able to cure every disease and disorder but wouldn’t it be great to let poeple know they are not alone, that someone does care?  Just knowing you came out in support of them would be so rewarding for them and for you. Imagine instilling this value in our children now- what a compassionate world this place could be by the time they become adults.




Bring the family together, pick a cause, and get out there.  I promise you it will be a rewarding experience.

To our family and friends who came out on Saturday and to those who donated: It means the world to us, and we thank you!

A few upcoming events to choose from:

1. Light the Night Walk, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraising Walk

October 19th at 5pm, Vassar College

2. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

October 20th at 9am, Woodbury Commons

3. ALS Walk

October 21st at 11am, Walkway Over the Hudson