As we say goodbye to another soccer season at Beautiful People, I can’t help but think that another opportunity to bond with Luke is gone as well. There are only so many opportunities I have where it’s daddy and Luke time, this was one of them. My feelings were a little hurt this year since Luke asked for his mother to be his buddy more than me, but if seeing him enjoy an activity requires me to sit on the sideline sometimes, that is ok by me.

This soccer season was particularly special for us because we built on relationships we made during the baseball season. It’s not easy talking to people who are not in the same boat as you and while all our children are different, we are pretty much sailing in the same ocean. I’ve said it before and can’t say it enough, but we are very grateful for Beautiful People.

DSC_0120 laughing


On a side note, Beautiful People had their Out of the Park Dinner/Dance this past weekend. The event was held at the Falkirk Estate and Country Club in Central Valley, NY. The fundraiser was a success and a great way to get the Beautiful People name out there. The past couple of events that I attended there had a minimal attendance by the kids of the league, but this year we were so lucky to have a nice turnout by some of the older kids. Watching these kids enjoy themselves in a social setting like this was so awesome and an image that will stay with me for a while. Makes you view your life in a different light.

The one bright spot of soccer coming to an end is that Basketball is just around the corner… Stay tuned for information about volunteering and sponsorships. In the meantime, you can visit the Beautiful People web site at