So we spent our share of time with overnight stays in hospitals. Since moving to Orange County, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Center has been our place of “choice”.  It’s a beautiful facility that is designed to make the children (and parents) who stay there, as comfortable as possible. Each room is equipped with a flat screen TV, cable, DVD player and most have video game consoles. The staff is very accommodating and I can’t remember having a negative experience in the last 7 years. (Other than the bills)

Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Center

When Luke first had to go through this 48 hour EEG experience, he was a trooper. No complaints. I would look at him and think how I would not respond as well as he does. As he started to get older, he is not acting as calm and cool as when he was younger. At this point in time prior to the test, he is clean of all his medications, so he is dealing with that effect, plus having all these leads glued to his head that is covered in a tight wrap.

In comes somewhat of a savior. The at home Ambulatory EEG. My wife was able to take Luke to a facility in Rockland County, where they connect the leads and place his “hat” on his head. All the equipment, including a recording device (laptop, video camera) is sent home with him as well. We were required to keep a written diary throughout the day and allow Luke to go about his business in the comfort of his own home.  The camera is on him while he is sleeping to record any seizure activity that may happen overnight. In the morning, he eats breakfast, watches a little TV, then it’s back to Rockland to remove the equipment from his head.

At home with his brothers

Another positive to this option is his brothers don’t normally get to see what Luke has to go through for these tests. This way, they are getting a pretty good idea. They get to see his restrictions and the inconvenience he has to go through. For 3 boys who enjoy playing with action figures, they get to witness the superhero that lives in their own home.

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