My daughter Madison loves all sports.  Any sport she tries, she immediately declares it’s her favorite: football with Daddy, soccer with Apas, tennis with Uncle Kevin, baseball with Grandpa, running with Mommy.    When she was two, she won fastest toddler because she would run laps around the playground for hours; the girl has always been constantly on the move.  So, once she was old enough for Snoopy Soccer, we thought it was a no-brainer.  We could not have been more blindsided by her reaction.  Our fun loving, slightly overconfident four year old crumbled.  It was truly heartbreaking, and if not for my husband, I would have grabbed her up and whisked her home after the first five minutes.  At every water break she would crawl into my lap and bury her tears in my neck begging me to take her home.  Oh, the willpower it took to make her get back out there.  My husband insisted she give it an honest try, but by the middle of the second day, his heart couldn’t take it anymore either, and so that was that.  I was sad and disappointed, not in her but for her because I knew this was something she would love if she could just find her groove amongst the overwhelming crowd of kids.


I really wanted her to see that she could do team sports and had heard positive reviews from a few parents that Primo Sports in Florida had been a lot of fun for their kids.  I hoped it would give Madison an opportunity to fall back in love with sports, so I signed her up for their preschool physical education class.  Every week they practice a new sport.  For Madison’s first month they did baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball.  Each week they begin with warmups followed by drills, skills, a game at the end-usually tag, and finish with a cool down where they review what they learned for the day.


It has been a redeeming and rewarding experience for Madison.  She initially did not want to go but by the middle of the first day, I could see her relaxing and actually having fun. By the second day she was telling Coach Tara her life story and showing off her skills.  The class is small and coaches Tara and Tom are approachable and encouraging.  They make the class all about fun, which is what sports are supposed to be about.   I’m so relieved to have my sports loving, slightly overconfident girl back and hope it lasts for as long as it possibly can.


I have not given up on intramural sports just yet.  I think this exposure in a small setting is just what Madison needs to get back out there in the spring.  I have signed her up for tee ball, so we have five months to figure this thing out!  Any advice for this newbie soccer mom?!