In our home, November wouldn’t be, well, November, without some kind of pumpkin-spiced goodie baking in the oven. We cook with pumpkin as an accent year round, but at some point it takes center stage. This recipe popped up on my Pinterest board last weekend, and after one look, I knew it would be Saturday morning’s breakfast.

One caveat, though… we’re gluten-free. Would the recipe hold up? Some recipes translate well with a straight gluten-free flour substitution, whereas others do not. The recipe looked pretty straight-forward, so I gave it a try. The only change I found necessary was to add an extra two tablespoons of liquid (I used almond milk instead of half-and-half), as the dough was too dry without it. Also, if you try this recipe, I’d recommend halving the glaze recipes. Especially with two glazes, the quantity was excessive, and we had too much left over.

Pumpkin scones

Paired with some turkey bacon and strawberries, we were full until early afternoon. These scones are a little sugary for every day, but worth it for a special weekend meal. In fact, my little one liked the meal so much, she paid me 80 cents for my troubles.

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