I say that with an exclamation mark because that’s how Madison says it everytime: LEGOLand!  The anticipation nearly got to her, but we finally made it there a few weeks ago, and it did not disappoint.  It may have though if we had been to one of their theme parks, because this is a scaled back, indoor version of that.


My girls love to play with blocks, and Duplos are their favorite.  They make towers, bridges, trains and zoos.  They play with them endlessly, so LEGOLand seemed like a pretty obvious destination for us even though I was not thrilled to go.  The crowds and the cost were enough to deter me for a while, but then I checked out their website.  The things you can do with LEGOs!  I had no idea.   Bonus: since school is in session, there was only one other family there.


LEGOLand is not that big with about eight different attractions and took us about two hours to complete the park without a crowd.  Sophie loved the Duplo village where she could climb, slide, tumble and build with large, soft blocks.  Madison gravitated toward the LEGO Racers: Build and Test where she constructed little cars out of LEGO’s and raced them down the track.  On a side note, LEGO Friends aka girl LEGO town was pretty lame with a basic living room not made out of legos and a box of pastel LEGOs to play with at the “coffee table.”  My girls were not fooled.  My favorite was the LEGO Miniland: New York City is recreated with 1.5 million LEGOs, every landmark, busy city street, and even the subway runs underneath.  Press the buttons, and it becomes nighttime in the city complete with fireworks over the Statue of Liberty.  Pretty impressive.


On the way out, you walk through the store with more LEGO options than I ever thought was possible.  I rarely fall for the souvenir trap, but my girls truly love to build, and Madison convinced me she was ready to move from DUPLOs to her first set of LEGOs.  I have dreaded this day.  Tripping over a DUPLO is annoying but stepping on a LEGO is downright painful.  Also, sister likes to put everything in her mouth, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she eats a LEGO.  But, if you had seen Madison painstakingly going back and forth, weighing her options of LEGO kits, you would have let her have it too.  She finally picked out the tractor trailer and race car kit, thanked me profusely, and held the big box the.whole.way.home.


LEGOLand was a great time but expensive.  The tickets for two adults and one child (under 2 is free) came to $62.  Go on Tot Tuesday and save $4 a ticket.  And walking past all those toys? Almost impossible not to buy something especially since my girls enjoy them so much, and I think they are educational. In addition, driving to Ridge Hill incurs some tolls plus the $3.25 to park for the day. Outside food is not allowed, but there is a cute, themed cafeteria style cafe in LEGOLand with some healthy options and several restaurants to choose from right outside as well.  After our trip Madison laboriously followed the 57 pages of Lego instructions for two days, so I’d say the trip was worth it.