Over the last few years, our Holiday season has begun with Beautiful People’s Holiday Bowling Party. The bowling event takes place at Walden Lanes in Walden, NY, where for two hours the Beautiful People kids get to bowl with their friends and family, socialize and are served lunch. It’s also a good time to network with other parents.  When we are playing baseball, soccer or basketball, there isn’t much time to not only get to know the parents of the players, but talk to them about recent experiences with their kids. You can never know enough information especially regarding the school system.


This year’s attendance seemed to be a bit lower than previous years, which is a little disappointing, but the staff at Walden Lanes is very accommodating and all the kids that were there had a blast. While his brothers were eating lunch, Luke took advantage of the free bowling and bowled through everyone’s game. I didn’t bowl growing up. It was not until the kids came along that I stepped foot into a bowling alley and have to say it’s so much fun watching their reactions and competitiveness.  With the exception of the occasional dropped ball (what kind of wood are those floors made of anyway?), it’s also a worry free environment.

IMG_6840 IMG_6835

Baseball season transitions into soccer nicely, but there is a time lapse between soccer and basketball. Beautiful People does a good job of keeping the kids involved with various events such as swimming, wiffle ball and the Holiday bowling party.


I also wanted to take to time to mention these coin drops (we’d prefer bill drops) that are in the photo below.  Beautiful People will be placing some in local stores around a town near you. If you see them, they are legit. All boxes should have a baseball team photo from this past season. As I mentioned in previous posts, every little bit helps!

Beautiful People coin drops coming to a store near you

Beautiful People coin drops coming to a store near you