I don’t know if I’m the only one, but the last few years I tolerate all the stress of Christmas for just one reason – my kids. When you’re a kid you just don’t see how much time, effort, money and planning go into this holiday. There is all this pressure to provide a magical event that blows every other day of the year out of the water.

Santa’s Sweatshop Doesn’t Prepare My Credit Report

Some days I’m really pissed at myself for going with the flow of fooling my children with the “magical Santa Claus” who fulfills kids’ wish lists. Unlike me, he has a sweat shop of elves instead of a budget.

Santa Claus

Bah Humbug To Santa and Martha Stewart

If I’m sounding so bah humbug, I apologize, but I recognize that all throughout this time of happiness and cheer there is an army of frazzled parents who don’t quite feel like they’re measuring up. Whether that’s due to their financial situation or because they aren’t the Martha Stewart type (yes I mean me), I can appreciate all that parents do and sacrifice, and how much pressure we mount on our shoulders all in an effort to give our kids a little taste of “magic.”

Christmas Is About The People

Christmas for me is a little haunting. I have lost too many people I love and can’t share the holidays with. If I’m lucky I can name a few presents I’ve gotten over the years. They are just the colors that swirl through my memory but the faces, those are what are etched in my heart at Christmas time.

Hannah & Jay Christmas pic

For Those Stressed Out and Struggling

I’m not saying the whole holiday is horrible or that it’s all “magical.” I think we just miss what the “magic” really is. It’s moms and dads who scrape together enough money to get some of the things their kids want, but worry that it is too little because “Santa” doesn’t have bills to pay. This post is for all the parents who stay up late baking cookies and stress about burnt edges or ribbon curls and wrapping paper perfection.

You Are The MAGIC!

This is for every parent who cares about making their child’s memories of Christmas perfect. I’ll give you a secret I’ve learned through my lost loved ones, YOU are the “magic” my friends. It’s not the presents or any other holiday trapping. The holidays are wonderful because you would move the ends of the Earth to make your children happy. It’s your face they will be replaying years from now and all the memories of  boxes under the tree will be like so much wrapping paper in the waste baskets of their lives.