Possible Spoiler Alert: Do not let the young kids read this…

This year, more than years past I have done my best to talk to my kids about what I feel the real meaning of Christmas is.  It’s highly unlikely a classmate will tell them that Jesus does not exist, so our other concern is that of the existence of the big jolly fellow.

My boys, in particular, my son Shane are starting to question all things involving Santa Claus.  Like dealing with bullies, we can’t be by our children’s side all the time, so we have no control over those who wish to plant that “Santa isn’t real” seed.  3 years ago, like many families we added the Elf on the Shelf to our Christmas tradition. Our Elf’s name is Jingle and every night he flies back to the North Pole with information about my children’s behavior and Christmas wishes. When he arrives back at home he hangs out in a different spot until it is time to fly back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, where he will begin planning for next year. The reason I am bringing this up is I have been somewhat of a Scrooge the last few years. Every year my wife reorganizes the house so the tree can fit and she can set up her Christmas village. I have minimal input. The kids love it, and as grumpy as I come off, truth is I love her for it.

Here are some of examples of the questions we have been asked:

  • Shane set up his iPod Touch on Jingle. He asked if we can hit record before we go to bed so he can see where Jingle goes at night. (we kind of kept “forgetting”, until he forgot that he made this request)
  • In our room, Shane thought it was a little odd that the wrapping paper behind the door was the same that Santa used last year. First, how the heck does this kid remember the wrapping paper from a year ago and second, that was a very good question. (my wife quickly responded that last year, due to an overabundance of deliveries, Santa dropped their toys off and she wrapped them for him) Not sure he bought it, but the questions stopped.
One of Jingle's hangout spots

One of Jingle’s hangout spots


I’d hate for any of my kids to hear the words “Santa isn’t real” or be made fun of because they believe there is a Santa Claus, by some kid at school. Maybe if we all tell our kids that nobody likes the kid who blows the lid off that story, other kids will think twice before opening their mouths. Who knows? What I do know is while I don’t think there is a guy in a red suit making his way down my gas fireplace, I do believe in the magic of this time of year.

Whether it is a snowflake on Christmas Eve, purchasing a toy for a stranger or hearing the words your son is seizure free, Santa can be all of those things. Believing is the first step in moving forward.

There was an episode of the Brady Bunch where Mrs. Brady lost her voice a few days before she was scheduled to sing at Christmas Eve mass. While visiting a Department Store, all Cindy wanted was for Santa to give her mommy’s voice back so she can sing at church. Not sure of what to do, the man said ok, sure. Mr. Brady was livid and confronted the man. Saying how can you promise a little girl something like that? Sure enough, after the commercial break, Mrs. Brady woke up talking and later that night sang beautifully at mass, much to the delight of Cindy and the relief of Mr. Brady.

So what is the idea of Santa Claus to you?

Merry Christmas Everyone!