Being home always beats being at work, but anyone with kids know that both the kids and the parents will eventually lose their minds if they do not break up the routine. At the advice of fellow blogger Bethanne, and due to some Lego sets the boys received for Christmas, we decided to go to Lego Land Discovery Center on this winter break.

Legos have been a tricky subject around here. The process usually goes something like this:

Boys “Ooh that’s cool, can we get that?”

Dad “Sure, are you guys going to help me build it?”

Boys “Yea!”

Everyone gathers around as I spill the Legos onto the table. They help separate, put the mini figures together, and then disappear leaving me to complete what was started.

I have a reason for all three of them to learn and appreciate this process. Cole (4), I want to see if he can follow instructions. Shane (8) has ants in his pants. He actually put together a Marvel set for the first time without my help. Then we have Luke (10). For a child w/Special Needs it’s just a great way to see if he can start and complete a project. It’s great for reading comprehension as well as occupational motor skills. He’s not quite there yet, but getting closer. The other issue is after all this time is spent, nobody wants to play with them. After building Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle, we put the entire set behind a glass!

At home, Shane assists Luke with his Marvel Lego

At home, Shane assists Luke with his Marvel Lego

Back to the Discovery Center… Bethanne described a calm off day with her girls, us on the other hand went at the wrong time! Due to school’s being out the place was pretty crowded. To give an idea, when you first enter, there is one of 3 rides. We were there for 40 minutes and basically accomplished nothing.

IMG_6933 IMG_6934

Once we got past that initial set back, things went as expected for a crowded themed spot and everyone had a good time.

What we were able to see:

  • Lego Factory Tour
  • Lego Mini Land
  • Kingdom Quest (Ride)
  • Lego Racers Build and Test
  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride
  • 4D Lego Movie (movie titles seem to change throughout the day)
  • Lego Construction Site (while enjoyed by most, looked at times to be a scene from Lord of the Flies)
  • Lego Store
Waiting for the Merlin's Apprentice Ride

Waiting for the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride


Amidst all the chaos, I would still recommend the Lego Discovery Center. It’s located in a pretty cool outdoor shopping plaza in Ridge Hill, so you can easily make a day out of the trip. It is a bit pricey. $98 for 3 children/2 Adults, but unless you are going to the park, what isn’t pricey these days?

They do not allow outside food, but were accommodating to Luke’s food allergies, which is always a good thing and there is a little eating spot where they sell pizza, salads, sandwiches and chips.

Hopefully, this trip will inspire the boys to stay the distance as we put together the Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase later.

Happy New Year!