The Great Escape for me has always been a good book, cliche` but true.  I love to read and thankfully my daughters share the same passion.  Their bookshelves are overflowing, and tripping over a stack of books is pretty commonplace around here.  Take us to a bookstore and there will be some serious damage done to our bank account-if your kid begs you for a book, how can you possibly say no?  I really enjoyed reading HVP’s article on kid-friendly bookstores in our area.  I think the small business bookstores are vital to our community- adding character and value to our towns.  I intend to patronize and enjoy a few that were on the list. My go-to birthday present for any child is always a book or two, so now I know where to shop peacefully while my kids are entertained.   However, the way my girls read in addition to spending too much at Christmas and plummeting temperatures has called for our weekly trips to the local library to resume.

We obviously go to the library for the books, but we quickly discovered our local library, like most others in our area, offer programs for various age groups in addition to regularly scheduled drop-in activities.  They have the Rockin’ Readers Book Club for the school age set that includes a weekly bookshare and reading log.  There is also a weekly class for toddlers, ages 10 months to 3 years old.  Madison (4) takes part in the Dig into Reading for preschoolers.


The classes are 45 minutes and are a mommy and me until you hit Madison’s age group. Then the kids are independent of their parents who wait for them in the children’s library outside the activity room.  They turn in their homework, sing the library song which reminds them of some library ettiquette (which can and should be applied to life in general!), read a story, and then complete a corresponding craft.  At the end, the kids can play with an array of toys that inspire the imagination.  Madison always goes for the big, soft blocks to build  a rocket ship, then wrangles some kids to join her on the trip to outer space.  Before leaving, we pick out some new books  for the week.  Even Sophie has begun picking out a book or two.  Our library also has a nice selection of new and old kids’ movies, so we usually borrow one of those too. Then, we spend our afternoon curled up with a stack of books.


Through our love of reading we have discovered that the library has more to offer than we knew.  The Goshen Public Library has memberships to area museums and attractions that cardholders can borrow for up to three days at a time  as often as they like.  The Goshen Public Library currently offers the following passes:

  • The Children’s Museum, Poughkeepsie
  • The Intrepid, Sea, Air, and Space Museum, Manhattan
  • Hudson Highlands Museum, Cornwall
  • Storm King Art Center, New Windsor
  • Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

We have utilized these memberships several times and have saved on the cost of admission.  Every library is different and memberships can change so check with your local library before planning a trip.

The library is a valuable resource for families, and the best part is it’s all free!  Check yours out today and see what they have to offer.  I hope you are pleasantly surprised!  If your library has something exciting going on, let us know so we can check it out too!