When it comes to dividing my time amongst my kids, this upcoming weekend will mark the first of many dilemma’s, both physically and emotionally. Once again, basketball is at the center of it all. Luke will be starting his second season of basketball with Beautiful People, while Shane will be playing up in West Point with his CYO team (where I am the assistant coach). Choosing between my kids is on my list of least favorite things to do, but I will be with Shane and not Luke this weekend and that makes me very sad.

Doesn’t it always seem that nothing is going on, and then all of a sudden, everything is happening at once?

I am lucky, yes lucky that Luke is so awesome and understanding. He makes situations so much easier for me, where if the situation was reversed, Shane might not be as forgiving.  Talking to a child with special needs can be difficult in one sense, but if you are open and honest about things they tend to be more receptive to what it is you are telling them. In Luke’s case, not only will he be more receptive, but he will remind me all week that I missed his first game because of the reasons I stated, and I will be at the next one. He knows how much I love basketball, how much I love my family and how much I want to see my boys play. I won’t physically be at the 2014 Tip Off, but I will be there in spirit. Once again, I am grateful that he will be there with his mom and VERY grateful for Beautiful People and the opportunity Luke has to play basketball.

This is one problem…I still have a third son waiting to take the floor!

For more on Beautiful People go to http://www.beautiful-people.us/

PS – Kyle Korver’s streak of hitting a 3 pointer is up to 110 consecutive games.