So there wasn’t much positive to report from our trip to West Point. Our team left on the losing side, but it was a nice experience visiting the grounds where it all starts for many of our nations soldiers. Shane was excited to hear that this is where it all started for Duke Basketball’s Coach K as well, where he played point/shooting guard for ARMY from 1966-1969, and then returned as coach in 1975. Hopefully our next visit will have a better result.

For Luke, his basketball tip off was a success. Beautiful People started their second season of basketball with a stellar turnout. Since I was not physically there, I had my wife Amy fill me in.


One of the great things about Beautiful People is the option of Luke running into a classmate outside of school. The fact that Luke doesn’t have the group of “friends” I had when I was 10 makes me sad and crazy at the same time. As much as I would rather Luke go to the park and get in on a pickup game of basketball, that isn’t an option right now, so the fact that he has this is awesome. When he does run into his classmates or when he sees them having the same interests, he gets very enthusiastic about what is going on.

blog5  When Luke came home he didn’t give me the guilt the treatment that I missed basketball, but instead went with the option of telling me what I was unable to see. We went through some photos that my wife took and Luke was able to commentate from there. I was happy to see Luke following through his shot the way we talk about as well as improve on his dribbling. As I mentioned before, Beautiful People gives these children the option of being a part of something that is theirs.


It was also great to see the amount of volunteers who were there to help these kids along. There were many familiar faces who lend their time weekly as well as some new ones. It always helps when the volunteers are outgoing and know the sport they are participating in. Luke paired up with Lauren who plays for the CYO team here in Warwick.



Looking forward to week 2 this Saturday!

I also want to take a moment to mention another organization called One Step at a Time, Inc. on April 27, 2014, One Step at a Time will be hosting their 4th Annual Bowl-A Thon In Memory of Daniel Fratto. All proceeds benefit Beautiful People. The event takes place at Colonial Lanes in Chester and I will be updating information as the date draws near. Last year we had a great turnout and are hoping for the same or better this time around. If anyone is interested in sponsor forms please let me know.

For more on Beautiful People go to

For more on One Step at a Time, you can visit their facebook page