I’m not even going to mention how over the frigid temperatures I am; I won’t even mention the words Polar Vortex.  Without that being said, I will say that going outside to play is not  an option right now.  My oldest daughter, Madison, is a real trooper, but Sophie and I are babies.  Sophie actually is a baby so she has an excuse, but I just can’t enjoy this weather.  And, if you are anything like our family this winter, the cold and flu season has hit you hard.  Cabin fever was quickly setting in, so I had to take the rare opportunity of us all being healthy at the same time to make a long overdue trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ.


LSC is most definitely a day trip as it takes over an hour to get there from Orange County but totally worth it.  I remember my mom taking us as a kid and unlike other museums, I couldn’t believe you were actually allowed and encouraged to touch everything.  A lot has changed since I was there as a kid, and it has only gotten better.


The science center has four floors of interactive exhibits.  (There are too many  to name so be sure to check out their website.)  The great thing about the exhibits is that they are diverse and and layered, meaning you can just scratch the surface of any topic if you are with little ones or dig deeper if your kids are older or their interest calls for it.  My girls love construction, so we started at the main floor Skyscraper! exhibit.  Anything you ever wanted to know about how a skyscraper is made from conception to construction can be explored and experienced: walk a steel girder high above the center’s floor, operate a crane, or test a buildings strength in a high velocity wind tunnel.  My kids are little, so we just touched the surface of this exhibit.  Next, we headed all the way up to the fourth floor for the Bob the Builder exhibit where my girls immersed themselves for quite some time.  After that, we headed down to Infection Connection which seemed appropriate after all the colds and viruses we have recently had.  Madison and Sophie  stepped into the lab where their hands were coated in “germs.”  They then had to wash their hands before sticking them back under the black light to see how they did.  Let’s just say, it’s no longer a mystery as to how we keep getting sick.  Hopefully, it’s a lesson learned.  We explored several other exhibits but by no means hit them all.


The Liberty Science Center is one of the most family friendly places I have come across.  It has ample parking located in front ($7 a day).  There are restrooms including family restrooms on every floor, conveniently marked and located.  There is a  cafe with healthy choices and reasonable prices in addition to allowing  you to bring your own food.  The staff was pleasant and very helpful.  For 2 adults, 1 child, and under 2 are free, it came to $54.25.  It is on the expensive side, but the experience was worth it.


The center has so much to do, more than can be done in one trip.   However, it is small enough to be able to maneuver easily without getting lost or overwhelmed.  It’s a great place to go if you have children of varying ages.  There are several exhibits geared toward the 2-5 crowd, many for the older ones, and it’s fun for the adults too.  My advice is to check the website and make a list of exhibits that are age and interest appropriate for your group, so you have a general idea of what you want to accomplish.    The Liberty Science Center is the type of place that truly is fun for the entire family.  We are already making plans to return.