Everyone has days like today, at least that’s what I remind myself while my husband battles the leaky sink that morphed into minor flooding, while my daughter fights off strep for the second time in the last two weeks, and joy of all joys the morning sickness that was on vacation for the last 7 weeks is definitely back.

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

There are always going to be days like this, filled with problems that twist my stomach into knots. I used to think that if I had enough money, all my problems would go away.  Course I started believing that back when I was a recent grad in my first entry-level job, when even routine troubles like my car needing all four new tires was cause for a breakdown.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wised up. Life has a way of smacking some sense into you. Having children will do that. When my daughter was two she got really sick. She wouldn’t eat or drink hardly anything and wouldn’t get off the couch all day.

The Mother of ALL Problems

My husband and I took her to the doctor and were told that she could have a virus or Leukemia. In that moment I felt my world just shake to the foundations. How do you listen to someone tell you that your baby girl, who’s just toddling around in diapers could have a life-threatening illness. Most people in my life, save my mom and step dad didn’t even knew about her potential illness. That’s because the truly scary things in this world CAN’T even be uttered out loud.


For two weeks we took my sweet little Hannah to get her blood drawn, and get IV fluids for severe dehydration. Nothing sucks worse than looking into the tear-soaked eyes of your child while you are holding down their arms so a nurse can stick a needle in her.

The True Call to Protect and Serve

You are supposed to protect your child from pain not be complicit in causing it. After the second time she needed an IV I did everything I could think of to get fluid in her so she didn’t have to go through that again. The two weeks of waiting, not knowing if she was going to be ok was the worst time of my life. There was nothing I could do and as a parent nothing is as terrible and feels as unforgivable as doing nothing, even when you have no choice.

It turned out that she just had a bad virus and I know how blessed we are that she didn’t have cancer. But there are many families who don’t get that happy news. They struggle and suffer right along with their kids. So on crazy days like today, I try to remind myself that the problems that can be solved with money are really the little ones.