When leaving Luke’s basketball game with the organization Beautiful People last week, I had a thought that crossed my mind for the first time. Why do I do certain things for Luke that I don’t do for my other sons? I am like a walking advertisement for Beautiful People. I talk about it all the time, I blog about it, I raise money for it. I don’t do that for Shane’s basketball league. I mean, I rolled my eyes when I had to sell raffle tickets for this travel soccer!

I started thinking about further down the line and comparing youth sports for these two brothers to possible career scenarios. The word that kept coming to mind was opportunity. Luke will most likely not have as many opportunities as Shane or Cole.

I posted links to a couple of stories involving kids with special needs and sports. I love watching these stories. No matter how they come into my life, I always stop what I am doing and watch. They pull my emotions in different directions, but I love them. They force me to visualize my son scoring that basket, then cry to think he would be in that scenario, but I love them. If you look beyond the stories, you will look at the origins of what transpired. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it starts at home. Your kids are an extension of you. Teach them to be caring and that’s what they will be. Ignore them and teach them to be little you know what’s, and that’s what they will be.

In the first video, I would like to think that there are more kids in this world like the boy at the end of the clip. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but one could hope.
The second clip just gets me for obvious reasons. Recently, my son Shane wrote a letter to the Atlanta Hawks, basically just saying he loves watching them play and how he loves basketball. He wrote about his brother Luke and his disability and how he feels he plays ball for the two of them. We can’t control the cards we were dealt, but we can control how we choose to play them. When I hear my kids talk like that, I know we played a “Cool Hand”.