I don’t have to tell you that this winter has been a long one.  My coping mechanism for all those snow days?  Online shopping.  Discount Diva would be so disappointed in me. So, I pledged to spend an entire week without spending a dime on shopping or entertainment.   But all those long days stuck in the house with two kids left me needing to get out, but without the park as an option I was stuck for ideas that didn’t require money.  So I challenged myself to get creative, put $20 in my pocket for the week, and vowed to stick to our budget without sacrificing culture or entertainment.  Thank goodness we live in the Hudson Valley because it was actually easier than I thought it would be.



Monday: The library is always fun and always free.  We play in the children’s room and pick out our books for the week.  We usually attend the all ages story hour on Fridays but we have big free plans for this Friday.




Tuesday: This had to be the easiest day to entertain my kids since October; the weather was 61 and sunny.  The obvious free choice was to get outside and meet up with some neighbors for some driveway fun: biking, scootering, and drawing with chalk.

Wednesday: Wednesday used to be free admission day at the Harness Museum in Goshen, so we headed down to get our local historic culture on.  Madison loves watching the short movie about the track and horses and both girls love the 3D simulator.  Sophie also loves to just run around so thankfully most everything is behind plexiglass.  Oh, and now everyday is free admission day so that’s great news.

Thursday:  SUNY New Paltz hosts a free Astronomy Night program the first and third Thursday of each month.  It begins with an indoor planetarium show and on clear nights they will open up the observatory so that the kids can use the telescopes.  We missed it this time around but will be attending the next one.

Friday: I head back down to our library to pick up the free pass to the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum.  My girls love to see all the animals.  I’m hoping some of the snow has melted, so we can take a little hike on one of the trails.




Saturday: We always seem to be needing some sort of home repair so Lowes is a frequent weekend trip.  Lowes offers a free Build and Grow workshop for kids which we attended last Saturday.  Madison loves to build so she had a great time making her project; Sophie likes to dress up so the free apron and goggles were a perk for her. The next one will be April 12th.  Home Depot  offers one on the first Saturday of every month.   Also, The Mid Hudson Children’s Museum offers free admission on the third Saturday of every month  from 5-8, so we will be heading over there for some evening play.





Sunday: Goshen hosts its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade at 2pm.  It’s a huge parade and lots of fun.  We go every year and this year will be no exception.  The Harness Museum in Goshen is on the parade route and prior to will host an open house with children’s crafts and snacks beginning at 11am.  The cost is $3 per child, not free but inexpensive.

Two days to go but I somehow have managed to spend an entire week without even spending my allotted $20 which is burning a hole in my pocket.  I think I will use it to treat myself to a pizza for dinner.  Have a great weekend!

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