So, when does the panic set in? Let me go back a few years to try and figure things out…
When Luke and Shane were ages 4 & 2, their relationship had so much potential. A year later, they could have the best time just being around each other. In fact, they would have such a great time that I would literally see the awe in people’s faces when we were out as to hear them thinking “why can’t my kids be like that”? It truly was something special.

By the time they turned 7 and 5, the time spent together started to decline. Shane would want to play sports or be around his friends from school, while Luke was content with playing with his action figures and dressing up in superhero costumes. You could almost see Shane outgrowing Luke, both physically and mentally. I remember a time where we attended a local carnival and Shane completely flat left Luke to go hang with his friends. On the ride home, I ripped into Shane as if he did something so wrong, when he was just being a normal 6 year old. That’s when your emotions just go out of whack. Was I upset at Shane for not including his brother? Was I mad at myself for not doing more for Luke? Or mad at a higher power because I do not understand any of this? We’ve come so far when it comes to technology, yet nobody is able to tell us a reason for Luke’s condition.

Things are much different now with Cole in the mix, yet still the same. Luke and Cole spend most of their time playing with action figures and dressing up as superheroes. Shane pretty much does his own thing or has me to pal around with, while Luke & Cole are almost inseparable. Luke is 10 and Cole is 4. To say I am dreading the day Cole outgrows Luke is a major understatement and will be a VERY, VERY sad day in our house.

I guess you can look at this like an old movie. Rocky maybe. A movie that I’ve seen before and I know how it’s going to end. In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament starting soon, I’m trying to look at it on that level where we could have a fairy tale ending and David always has the chance to beat Goliath.

So when does the panic set in? The answer is never. Concern yes, situations will arise and we can stick and move. Take a few punches, even get knocked down, but keep getting back up. Never panic. Luke will sense my panic, but my concern has a chance of getting through to him. All we really ask for is a chance.