Last fall, a reader had recommended a park for us to try out and share.  However, quickly after the weather turned nasty and stayed that way until VERY recently.  Thankfully, this week has been beautiful, so my girls and I headed over to the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Montgomery.  Being the first really nice day, the park was teeming with kids which was great because we did not bring a friend but Madison quickly joined a group of little girls to play with.



Overall, the park has a Dr. Seuss vibe with very colorful and different looking play  structures of which there are three.  One is smaller and was perfect for Sophie (2) to navigate mostly on her own: climbing, sliding, and exploring.  However, she follows her sister where ever she goes, so we quickly joined Madison on the largest play structure.  This one was perfect for Madison (5) but too treacherous for Sophie who was pretty angry that I made her stick to one set of stairs and slide while Madison had the run of the place.  There are several ways to climb in and up, tunnels to cavort through, and steep, fast slides to go down.  All of the slides are really fast so if you have a little one, definitely catch them at the bottom!  The third structure has a Spiderman theme and on the smaller side which is where I thought Madison would gravitate to since he is her favorite superhero.  However, even though they thought it was fun, there was a kid there laying claim to the entire thing.  Not wanting to make waves and with so much else to do, my girls opted to skip it after their initial run in.



In addition to the jungle gyms, there is the typical play equipment as well: swings, baby swings, slides, and things to climb on.  There is also a basketball court and the entire park is surrounded by baseball fields.  And, of course the park’s namesake is the Veteran’s Memorial Monument to the side of the park not to mention the dog park sponsored by Orange County Choppers down the street.



The playground was a lot of fun and defeinitely enough for my kids to enjoy a few hours of play, but this park had something else that set it apart: Pleasure Ground Park.  Across the street is the entrance to its paved walking trails through the woods.  We choose our direction and followed it’s meandering path paralleled by a brook, over a bridge and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go  and ended up on the banks of the Wallkill River.  There we took in the scene, and the girls threw rocks into the water enjoying the ripples they made.  After awhile, we continued on the path which overlooked the river until it looped us back around to the park.  The girls loved the adventure, taking time to look for tadpoles in the brook, treasure in the woods, and fish in the river.     The next time we go, we will have to see where the other trails lead.



It turned out to be a very fun filled afternoon.  Combined with the fresh air and so much to do, my girls were in bed and asleep by 6:30 that night.  Success!


GPS Address: 60 Bachelor Street, Montgomery


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