I have mentioned before that I am not athletic or competitive, so you might be surprised to learn that I have signed up for a Spartan Race– (go ahead and click on this and just listen to the intro-insanity)- one of those ridiculous races with barbed wire to crawl under, fire to jump over, and walls to climb.  What business do I have to do this race you ask?  None really, except I have a very convincing and competitive friend who caught me at a weak moment.  She asked me to join her team with six other women to compete in the race and since I was in the middle of a self help book encouraging me to say yes to everything in attempts to bring more happiness into my life,  I was obliged to say yes.


Since we are all mothers, meeting up and working out are not really options, many of us running on the treadmill in the basement after the kids are in bed.  There were a few teammates that I had not even met, and the race is closing in on us.  So, in order to face a fear of heights, get some climbing practice in and get together with the team, we planned a girl’s night.  However, this was not your typical girl’s night- drinks were involved but not until after spending much of the evening rock climbing.  Yes, rock climbing.



Photo Credit: The Inner Wall


The Inner Wall is an indoor rock climbing facility in New Paltz.  None of us had ever rock climbed before and that was ok.  We were set up with two instructors who taught us all we needed to know to climb the wall and to belay for one another. (Belay- vb. to be attached to the other end of the climber’s rope  making you solely in charge of their safety and essentially their life.)  A pretty good lesson in building team trust if there ever was one.  After we learned the basics, we were set free to climb away.  It was scary and fun and exhilarating all at once.  For a moment, I really thought this could be my thing… then I looked down and immediately ruled that out.  But, I was tremendously proud of myself for having the tenacity to conquer my fear and the physical capability to make it to the top.  I was warned but was surprised nonetheless at how sore I was the next day and in places I never even knew I had muscles.




We did this as a girl’s night, but it’s also a really great place for kids.  In fact, we have plans to return with our kids in the near future.  The Inner Wall has had kids as young as two climb, but I will start with my five year old.  She was the most impressed with my new skill and immediately begged to go after seeing my pictures.  Inner Wall has different levels of climbing walls from beginner to advanced.  They host birthday parties, scout programs, summer camps, and after school programs.  The staff was friendly and extremely focused on safety taking the time to teach us everything we needed to know to be safe.  We got a group rate which included the instruction, equipment, and three hours of climbing for $28 a person.  However, they have several different options so check out their website to see what is the best fit for you.



The Team!


If you have an adventurous and/or energetic kid (and whose kid isn’t energetic?), I would definitely add this to your list of spring break stay-cation activities.