How do we find the time to do it, Moms? And yes, I mean “Do It,” as in, “Have Sex.”

Once we’ve successfully figured out how to hit on our husbands when are we supposed to do this thing that created our children, the thing that we would actually enjoy if we stopped thinking about the grocery list while we were unzipping our jeans?  (You know you’ve done that at least once)

The most logical time, and possibly the most popular time among us parents, is after the children go to bed.  The kids are down for the count, you’ve got a good two hours before you’re turning in, why not spend it rolling in the hay?

Well, because five minutes in, someone calls for a drink of water, and then a hug, and then you realize you forgot to feed the dog and you can’t concentrate until you do, then since your downstairs anyway, you run to the basement to throw the wet clothes into the dryer so they don’t need to be rewashed, AGAIN, and then by the time you get back to your bedroom your spouse is passed out with one arm in the tee shirt and one arm out… and secretly you’re a little relived because now you can binge watch your favorite Netflix series.

How about the morning?  I know someone who always made time for lovin’ in the a.m. She called it “Set it to Get it.”  She would set her alarm a half an hour early and start her day with a bang. In college this was cool because we didn’t get out of bed until at least 10am, but in the grown-up world, Set it to Get it means 5am sex, maybe even earlier.  This is not for me.  I find it painful to even speak to anyone before coffee.

I watched an interview with a famous mom who was dedicated to co-sleeping.  She insisted that co-sleeping helped her sex life because her and her husband became more adventurous by doing it in strange places around the house.  First of all, she probably had a live-in nanny, so we can ignore any of her parenting and/or marriage advice.  But in the interest of being fair,  if you are a mom who chooses to co-sleep, please tell me she was lying.  If not, I’ll have to consider starting a new trend; I can see the headline now. “Co-Sleeping with your Middle Years Children Will Improve Your Sex Life.”

Let’s face it Mamas, we’re tired and constantly surrounded by people under four feet tall, so the when is always going to be tricky.  I think the key is to focus on the why.  Why is getting busy, even when we’re so busy, important?

Tune in next week.