Great playgrounds are hard to come by and often only shared by word of mouth.  Such is the case with my new favorite playground.  When a friend mentioned it to me it sounded amazing, so we quickly checked it out with some friends.  It did not disappoint and hit all the criteria and then some on my list of playground must-haves.


Benedict Farm Park is located in the Town of Montgomery flanked by farmland to the left and the Wallkill River to the right.  The driveway to reach the park is long but you will see the playground peeking out over the hill.  There are bathrooms available although at the time of our visit (2 weeks ago) they were not yet open for the season.  The surrounding area is a sight to be seen, and the park itself is immaculate and well maintained blending seamlessly with the bucolic setting.


My girls are two different ages with varying degrees of interests and abilities which makes the surrounding fence one of my favorite features.  Madison (5) was free to traverse the entire park with her friends without having me pester her to stay within eyesight.  In addition, Benedict Farm Park has two large play structures: one is geared toward the 2-5 age bracket and the other is for the older kids.  Sophie (2) was able to climb, crawl, run, and slide to her heart’s content which was another bonus for me since she is currently in the “I do myself” phase so this saved us several battle of the wills.


Even though the park is on the small side, there was plenty to do to keep my girls and their friends entertained for several hours from the swings to the climbing wall to the wobbly bridge.  We loved it so much, we are headed there tomorrow to enjoy the morning with some friends.  Have a great weekend!


GPS Address: 1675 State Route 17K, Montgomery