Another Mother’s Day has passed.  Another 364 days until our husbands get up with the kids on a Sunday while we laze around in bed…

Oh husbands, now don’t get yourselves in a tiff, I’m just kidding.  You guys do lots of wonderful things for us all the time…we love you.

Moving on…

I am curious about what Mother’s Day means to everybody out there, or more specifically, how you spend it. I’ve heard lots of different stories over the years about how Mamas like to spend their day in the spotlight, and it seems to me that the celebrations fall into two categories: Family Time or Family, Please Leave Me Alone, Time.

One mother I know always goes out to breakfast at her favorite restaurant without any children or men within fifty miles of the place.  She then spends the rest of her day perusing fashion magazines while watching her husband clean the house and wrangle the kids.

A couple years back, my friends and I went out for a few drinks the night before Mother’s Day.  I’ll spare you the embarrassing details, but we ended up on the dance floor at 3am with rum and cokes in our hands chanting, “Mother’s Day Eve! Mother’s Day Eve!”  My, always amazing, husband picked us up at a late night pizza place…me, smashing my pizza onto my tank top as I got into the car.  (Okay I guess I didn’t spare the embarrassment)   Needless to say, it was an epic night, but Mother’s Day itself, was filled with guilt and vomit, so we won’t be doing that again.

There was also the Mother’s Day, that I thought my boyfriend was going to propose.  Yes, we had our first son before we got married…so scandalous.  Anyway…on the big day I opened up a big box, secretly thinking a smaller box was going to be inside.  I was wrong.  Shoes.  Really beautiful white Italian strappy shoes.  But shoes nonetheless.  (Shout out to my man, who proposed a few months later, completely surprising me)

Then came the Mother’s Day when I was only days away from giving birth to my youngest son, my husband dressed our three year old up in a pillowcase toga and proceeded to wow me with a Shakespearean-esque performance of a sonnet, praising the power and beauty of the woman that is mother.

This year, my husband made breakfast for everybody and afterwards I went to a Pilates class with my bestie and grabbed some coffee.  It was the perfect blend of Family Time and Get Me the Heck Away from My Family Time.

Share your Mother’s Day stories!   The best, the worst, the weirdest…Are you a Family Timer or a Time to Give Mommy Spacer?