I have added a new job title to my list of many job titles.  I am going to borrow this from my friend Jeanne, I hope she won’t mind. My new title is “Personal Assistant to Sara Bock Productions”.  This is a great job description that echoes the excitement of all our “end of the year” festivities and the amount of work involved getting out in the community. In the next few weeks we will be hopefully enjoying much deserved abundant sunshine in the Hudson Valley. This season will have me over at the ball field every Sunday morning with Beautiful People for our weekly softball game. Check us out, we always need volunteers:





Our production company is in full operation mode, with a stuffed calendar of events.  Sara and I will enjoy the last class at Successful Learning Center, Inc. where this college semester will come to an end. Sara enjoyed another terrific class, digital photography, which was a big hit with all the students. We will soon see the students work up on their website at:






Special Olympics can be exciting with the competition, but the most enjoyable activities of this year will be when we participate in the Parents vs. the Flames game.  Last year the parents started in the lead but the younger players moved ahead leaving the younger Flames victorious. This year should be interesting to see how the match up ends.

Special Olympics Parents vs. Flames 019




The” production” job description comes from getting out the door with a young adult with special needs. Check that you have your sun screen, medications, emergency meds, next dose of meds in case the event is longer than you think, and drinks to take the meds with. Then not just any water, Sara LOVES her pink water bottle that matches her pink pocketbook.  Make sure we pack a lunch or snack to take with the medications, and keep a close watch on the time to make sure we are prompt with giving Sara something to eat before the medication is due. We need a hat to block out the sun, and a blanket because Sara will be cold on a hot day. Don’t forget the ice packs, Sara will over heat on a cold day. Then just because, check to see if Sara’s IPod is charged so she can play DJ with tunes on the way to pump ourselves up for the event.  Double check that she invited everyone she knows to the event and that they have RSVP’d that they are coming. Last but not least we need two magnets, one for Sara to turn on her medical device and one for us.  Sounds like Sara Bock Productions is ready for a great spring and a fun filled summer !! Hope you are too!! Special thanks to my production team, as always I could not do this without your help!! Lisa Bock


Marist Special Olympics 2014 003 Marist Special Olympics 2014 032