Memorial Day has come and gone. Loved being in Washingtonville for the parade. We could not have gotten a more beautiful day.


Memorial day 2014 022

This summer  I am looking forward to warm days, summer fun, and time spent doing the things that will make me happy. The older I get the easier it is to enjoy myself.  If I made a list of what will make me happy this summer I would include :


1. Start and finish my kitchen remake.


2. Get my garden in better shape.

Memorial day 2014 025


3. Spend quality time with my family and friends!!! How about at a concert in Bethel Woods??




4. Send my daughter to sleep away camp for a week!!!!



5. Learn how to relax. Spend some time mastering this.


6. Have multiple backyard bbqs.


7. Light up our outdoor fireplace!!


8. Let go some of those awesome sky lanterns!!!!


9. Try not to make this list any longer because see #5 !!!


Happy Summer to all!!

Lisa Bock